The Canadian Tenors - Lead With Your Heart
The Canadian Tenors – Lead With Your Heart

Music is the rhythm of life.

It sets the tone for our day and our lives.

Be careful of the lyrics you sing or dance to because your brain is like a computer                          and what you program into it, is what it will reflect.

I have started this page to add music video’s that have a message. I will try to post something new every Monday and encourage you to suggest other music video’s that fit our theme.

The music with be in two categories.  The first will be songs that are upbeat and give you positive power and energy.  The other will be calming and touch your heart.

It will come from all over the world and in many languages.  Music crosses all boarders.  Enjoy.

Pharrel Williams – Happy from Despicable Me 2
Classified - Inner Ninja
Classified – Inner Ninja
Fun - Carry On Lyrics
Fun – Carry On Lyrics



2 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Nice video Cindy
    I like all the pics from back in the day. were we really that young?
    Over the years it’s been nice watching your family grow up and be fine and Drew must be so proud.
    I love you


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