Stay Humble and Kind

Tim McGraw

This week in class has been so amazing.  You see, in the Book of Mormon, it is recorded that Christ, after the resurrection appeared to his disciples and then appeared to his “other sheep”.  One group of sheep being the people of the America’s.

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and his gospel.  It is not contrary to the Bible but a companion.

That being said, I wanted to share what we read about this week and the powerful message it sent to my heart.

When Christ appeared to the Nephites, he encouraged them to come to him, touch him, and see for themselves that he was the Christ.


As I talked with a classmate about this, she shared that, when she read this she was angry.  She was very angry.  She didn’t want them to touch him, because they were not worthy to do so.  Then she looked at her own hands and said she couldn’t touch him because she too was not worthy.

This struck me to the core and I woke this morning with the thought that NONE of us are worthy.  That is what the atonement is for.  To “wash away the sins of this world”.

What a great gift and so humbling.

I thought more about the visit of Christ to the Nephites described in the Book of Mormon.  How were the 2,500 that he appeared to worthy to see and touch him?  If the atonement washed away all of our sins, what made these people worthy to see and touch him?

The first thing I saw this morning was this new video by Tim McGraw.  I didn’t seek it out, it was the first thing on my FB page. I opened it up and began to cry.  I cried for the beauty of the video, yes, but I cried more because it was exactly the answer to the question I had about those Nephites.  They had been made humble.

They were ready to be taught the gospel and Christ taught them the “BE ATTITUDES”.

To me they all reduce down to some simple statements. ….  Be Humble and Kind and come unto Christ.

It is ok to be proud of what you accomplish, but it is even more important that you understand that what you were never alone on that journey.  It is important to help others along the way, to love with all your heart, be honest and true and thankful.

It is ok to be who you are and a gift to take that and then to “come unto Christ” where he will add to it, be a part of it, and enrich it.

These are the things that enrich our lives, make them worth living and worthy to stand before Christ and enter into the Kingdom of God with a full and loving heart.

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