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What Would Jesus Want for His Birthday?

Video of service and performed by Marvin Goldstein and John Canaan
“Because I Have Been Given Much” Video performed by Marvin Goldstein and John Canaan and features pictures of giving service to those in need.

As we come around to the winter holidays, I have been doing a little reflection. I wanted to understand…..What would Jesus want for a birthday present?

I mean, He gave His everything so that we could return home to our heavenly father free of the sins of this world.  What does He ask of us?

Well, He asks us to follow his example and strive to be more like him.

There is example after example of Jesus serving others.  He did not do this work with a bitter heart, but a heart filled with love and compassion.   Can we do any less?

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The Same Jersey

lucy-footballI hate football.  I know that sounds harsh, but I really do.

I have always felt this way.  It is really crazy that I am married to a man who really likes it.  I have children that follow it.  Some even played the stupid sport AGAINST my desire for them to do so.  I have nephews that play and I will eventually get to a game of theirs.  I keep planning on it, but it is just so hard to work up the desire.  I am just a bad aunt I know, but I hate football.

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Did You Ever Notice

Did you ever notice that when something is weighing on you mind, answers, support  and help are everywhere around you?

You may be saying “nope”  right now, but I want you to really think about it.

Right now I am learning that everything that I learn, I will have an opportunity to share.

I take that in, say great, and put it aside as my life takes over.

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Preparing to be A Disciple of Jesus Christ

Light in a stormThis week in class I learned that I am preparing to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

Webster’s Dictionary defines to prepare as follows:

Prepare. Transitive verb -a: to make ready beforehand for some       purpose, use or activity. b: to put in a proper state of mind

 To prepare is to get ready. It does not mean that you are ready. It means that you know are going to be part of something soon. It means that you want to do well so you learn as much about it as you can and have all the tools you need.

To be a good disciple is to be a good leader. Continue reading Preparing to be A Disciple of Jesus Christ

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