Hawk in flight


February 26, 2016

Today the most amazing thing happened to me.

I have to preface this by explaining how a old and dear friend challenged me and several others to a 7 day nature photo shoot. Each day, we are to go out into nature and take some pictures to share on Facebook. I jumped at the chance to be a part of this, as it is my favorite thing to do anyways. In point of fact a few weeks ago my grandson and I were on our driveway when a Red Tailed Hawk circled up above our heads with the sun illuminating each wing. It was breath taking and I raced to get my camera.


The hawk had circled on a thermal and was just a tiny speck in the sky, by the time I got back outside. There was no way to capture the beauty of the hawk, not even with my zoom lens. I said a prayer asking if the hawk could please come back, so that I could take a picture of it. I waited, but that was just not going to happen.


My grandson and I decided to go for a walk on a new walking path our city had developed. It runs along a creek and into some woods so I thought we would see some interesting things. We did. Yep, you guessed, it, there was a hawk. He even flew down close to us and landed on a tree, but for some reason, my camera refused to take a picture. Why you ask? I have NO idea. It was just not meant to be. I was disappointed but repeated the prayer of my desire to capture the beauty of a hawk.


Several days later we come to the end of the challenge. I have enjoyed it so much, but the weather has made most of my pictures about puddles, raindrops, and the return of the sun. That all changed today.

I was doing my math homework. In fact, I was in the middle of a quiz when I heard the call of the hawk. It sounded like it was right outside my door and my heart sped up. Here was my chance! However, I had to get my work done and be steadfast. This grade was important to my education, so I remained inside at my computer.


The hawk called to its mate again and received an answer and I swear they were right out side my window. I repeated my prayer and trusted that if the Lord wished to allow me the joy of such a photo, the hawk would be there and I continued on with my work, at peace with my faith that the Lord would bring the hawk to me at some point and time in my life . It was a calm and comforting place to be and I found joy in it.

We move ahead to the completion of my homework and test. I grab my camera and see the battery I had been charging is still on the charger. I know my camera will not work without it and I walk out the door to find some nature to photograph for my challenge.


I have about a half acre of wooded land next to my home and I walk out into it and search for that perfect photo. As I pause to watch the antics of my Labrador I hear the call of the hawk. I turn and right above my head I see the hawk. She is not 30 feet from me, just sitting on a branch watching me. I cannot begin to tell you how my heart raced with excitement. This is it, I thought. The Lord has brought the hawk right to me and answered my prayer. I raise my camera to take the close up, and nothing happens. I mean nothing.

The hawk is still on the branch thinking I am just some crazy human, and my camera is dead. I had forgotten to get the battery and put it in the camera. How did that happen you ask? Beats me. I looked at it, I thought about it and I completely spaced acting upon in. I began to cry.


I cried because the realization that I had asked the Lord in a humble and heartfelt prayer for something, but when He was ready to grant my wishes, I WAS NOT READY TO RECEIVE IT. He had done everything I had asked for and more. It was a bright and beautiful sunny day; the hawk was on my property and sitting and waiting for me to see her, I had my camera, but I was not ready. It was a very humbling moment as the true significance hit me.


For the past few days as I read and reread and studied 3 Nephi Chapters 12-17 the Lord spoke of being ready, of coming unto him and for us to Ask, Seek and Find. I was pondering that all week and especially as I walked in the woods that the extent of my seeking goes deep and that I am fully involved in the details of seeking. It is in the details that we find the simple thing that powers our change, enlightenment or progress. It was a powerful moment for me.


I went to the house with tears in my eyes, got the battery and went back outside to finish my challenge and I heard the hawk again. It was not usually so close to the house. I looked up and there she was, circling above me, with the light shining through her wings. Her mate was with her and they spent some time in my front yard and I was humbled again. Their beauty, the beauty of the day and then my grandson and daughter came home and we watched it together. My heart was full. My love for the Lord increased and my understanding of His love for me enveloped my soul. It was an amazing day.


From this day forward, whenever I see a hawk, it will be a symbol of answered prayers and to be ready for them to make my heart soar.







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Cold Hearts by Sharon Sala

Cold Hearts (Secrets and Lies, #2)Cold Hearts by Sharon Sala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t usually read a suspense when my husband is out of town, but I just couldn’t stop myself from reading this book! (I am so glad he comes home today!!)

I was hooked on the larger plot of the three book series as soon as I opened book one, now after book three I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the third book to be released!

Sharon Sala has an amazing way of telling a story with lots of dimension, creating evil characters to hate and real hero’s out of everyday people. She draws you  in and makes you feel right at home with friends and then fighting mad at the villains!

If you only buy one series this year, stick with this one and you won’t go wrong.

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Guest Blogger Author Sharon Sala

Author Sharon Sala
Author Sharon Sala

I realized the other day that I am surrounded with powerful people. They are the people who have survived tremendous pain in their lives. There are some that have overcome addictions or family members that suffer from them, but many have survived worse. This world is filled with obstacles for us to climb and get over. There is not a single person in this world that isn’t trying to climb over something high and tricky. We all need help and insight to get us to the top. I decided that it was important for me to ask a few of these inspiring people to share some of their insight. They are everyday people like you and me. Some have really cool careers like this week’s guest, but that isn’t what makes them “powerful” it is that they have found a way and are willing to share it. They are a light to others. 

Crazy Crazy Dream

I have never dreamed someone was trying to kill me before.
But no fear, it wasn’t a dream of warning.
It was a dream of analogies I had to figure out.
In the dream, people who I trusted were the ones trying to kill me, and the people I thought were the bad ones, were really trying to save me.
Why did they want me dead?
Because there was two of me… Not twins, but me, my soul…had been split in two and there was another me out there fighting the same battle with neither of us knowing of the other.
The bad guys didn’t want us to find each other because if we touched, we would become one person and our soul would become one again and then TA DA …. the end of the dream…. I WOULD BE INVINCIBLE.
Ha.Take that crazy spirits. I already am invincible!!
Now, the breakdown of the analogy.
I have been struggling, as you all know, because I talk about my business like anyone else might care. But part of my struggle has been just stepping out of my own way. I have been fighting myself, not believing in my own abilities, being weak at times and letting the darkness back into my life just because I waver in finishing this path I am on.
If I’m not making myself clear, let me say it like this.
Letting in darkness is the same thing as knowing you are supposed to be a bright and positive light, and yet you read things that make you sad, you watch things on television, like people who claim to be hunting demons, or horror movies, etc. (the darkness) and it’s like opening a doorway for all kinds of things you don’t want in your life.
I have given up a lot of my old habits to stay positive and the difference it’s made in my life is dramatic.
And so that dream…of thinking I am in danger, is a message to stay on the bright path. And the two pieces of one soul.. it’s a reminder to me of how I could lose my foothold. Darkness does not want people STANDING in the light. Darkness doesn’t want anyone BEING the light.
And being your whole self is a light twice as bright. Get it?
Yes, like I said… a crazy dream, but I got the message.
Thought I’d pass it on, just in case some of you are struggling within yourselves. Trust your first instinct.
If you were standing in the street and a car was coming, your first instinct would be to get out of the way, right?
So if you are walking a path that’s making you sad and bringing one disappointment after another into your life, your first instinct should be to get off of it and do something different.
Like that old saying goes, when you do the same things over and over, you will get the same results. There is no growth, no moving forward.
It’s as simple as that.
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