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All Together Now

Determination. Inspiration. Motivation.

Life is a Journey

Cindie Meincke is an Inspirational and Motivational Youth Speaker specializing in high school and college students as well as adults dealing with this age group.

About Cindie

I am a wife and mother of 4. I have worked with the youth since my children were little because I found it important to be there and interact with their social circle as a positive role model.

I was raised in Marietta, Georgia.  Married in 1989 and had 3 wonderful children.  In 1996 after a nasty divorce I met and married my soul mate, Drew Meincke.  Drew brought his daughter into my life and together we tried to offer our children love and support.  We were involved with the local basketball program.  Drew coached and I supported.  Then I became involved as a volunteer at the schools our children attended, became a Cub and Boy Scout leader and Merit Badge Counselor.  I was also a substitute teacher for a short time.  Through our church I was a leader for the 8-12 year old girls as well.  I found so many of the kids felt invisible.  I understood how they felt, and have always tried to help them see that they can be ok.  They can make it in this world and they have the power to make it happen no matter what is going on at home or in their world.  It has been such a blessing to watch many of them take my message to heart and find their strength.  It didn’t happen for them overnight, and many stumbled along the way, but they keep pressing on with hope, and hope and perseverance is what it is all about.

Bragging Rights:
I have survived a parent’s suicide and growing up in an alcoholic, home as well as two alcoholic marriages and the abuse that goes with it. I found insight as a result and broke the cycle of being a victim! I am now married to my soul mate and have raised 4 wonderful children who may not be perfect, but have the skills in life to find their way. I am also a proud Grandmother.